CNOVA N.V. – Cdiscount acquires Stootie

Cdiscount acquires Stootie, a leading peer-to-peer platform of personal services.

A judgment from the Paris Commercial Court on November 30, 2018 designated Cdiscount as the acquirer of Stootie’s assets, following the receivership where the company was placed into. Cdiscount offered a consideration of 0.72 million euros for the assets and committed to retain 38 employees.

Located in Paris, with a historical base of 150,000 “Stooters” (people offering their services) and 188,000 “requesters” covering a wide range of around 385 services, Stootie is the main player among French personal services marketplaces. Besides, Stootie and Cdiscount entered into a commercial partnership last year, with Cdiscount offering its clients installation and assembly services, covering 90,000 references, carried out by Stootie.

Cdiscount is willing to boost Stootie’s development by extending the existing partnership to additional references and implementing cost synergies. This transaction will enable Stootie’s teams to benefit from Cdiscount expertise in technology, marketing and traffic optimization. It strengthens Stootie’s prospects, integrating it into one of the French e-commerce leaders. It also reinforces Cdiscount’s ambition to build a diversified services platform.