CNOVA N.V. First Quarter 2021 Activity

Marketplace and digital marketing expansion driving growth and profitability
High +34% growth of the marketplace reaching 46% of GMV (+7pts)
Acceleration of marketplace revenues: +43% in Q1 at €197m on a LTM basis

Strong expansion of digital marketing revenues (+43%)
Acceleration of Octopia: +86% GMV

AMSTERDAM – May 6, 2021, 07:45 CET Cnova N.V. (Euronext Paris: CNV; ISIN: NL0010949392) (“Cnova”)
today announced its first quarter 2021 activity.

1 st quarter 2021 Highlights
During the 1 st quarter 2021, Cnova has strengthened its economic model.

The marketplace, now representing 46% of total GMV (+7pts), was at the heart of Cnova
profitable growth, with +34% in the 1 st quarter 2021 vs. last year. Marketplace revenues
reached €197m over the LTM, growing +38% vs. the previous LTM period, and accelerating in
the first quarter with a +43% increase, driven by the growth of digital marketing revenues from

Digital marketing revenues have increased by +43% driven by the development of our in-
house marketing digital platform Cdiscount Advertising.

Octopia, Cnova turnkey marketplace solution for EMEA retailers and e-merchants, grew by
+86% and is now connected to 518 websites in Europe. Octopia signed a major EMEA client, a
local retail leader with over €1bn revenues, and launched its first marketplace for Géant in April

GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) increased by +12% to reach €1,006m. As of March 31, 2021,
Cdiscount website served more than 10.5m active customers over the last twelve months (LTM)
at the end of the 1st quarter (+15%). Growth has been dynamic in higher margin categories
towards Home, DIY & Leisure (+29% in the 1 st quarter).

Emmanuel Grenier, Cnova CEO, commented:

“The 1 st quarter of 2021 confirmed the good dynamic recorded in 2020 and its relevant positioning, with
strong GMV growth and improved profitability in a fast-evolving environment in Europe marked by strong
and sustainable underlying trends: more digitalized sales and more home delivery.
The solid performance of our B2C activity is driven by a strong marketplace development and accelerated
growth of Home, DIY and Leisure categories. We have offered enhanced customer experience through a best-
in-class delivery service and a politic of “yes to the customer”, driving to a record high NPS 1 .
Our B2B activity is developing very well thanks to the dynamic of digital marketing and Octopia. More and
more sellers and suppliers are leveraging on our digital marketing platform to accelerate their sales. The
ramp up of Octopia, our turnkey marketplace solution, is accelerating with more than 500 websites
connected throughout Europe and a first major client launched with our full solution.”