CNOVA N.V. Full Year Financial performance & Fourth Quarter 2023 activity

Stronger operational performance with an EBITDA improving by +56% in FY23 vs. 22
Successful model shift towards more services and an over performance of the Efficiency Plan
• Services revenues growth (+2%) supported by a resilient Marketplace GMV, +6% advertising
revenues and +69% B2B revenues driven by C-Logistics fulfillment services and Octopia
marketplace solutions
• Overperformance of the Efficiency Plan to recalibrate SG&A and CAPEX by the end of 2023 by
€39m to reach €129m spending decrease vs. 21
• EBITDA improved by +€29m in FY23 vs. 22, illustrating the result of Cnova’s turnaround towards
a more profitable model focused on growing services revenues
• Financial result improved by +€15m in FY23 vs. 22
• Free cash-flows before change in working capital & taxes improved by +€69m in FY23 vs. 22
• High level of commitment from Cnova’s teams to better serve its customers